MB Jewelry is dedicated to the design, assembly and production of fine jewelry and is renowned for its exquisite design and craftsmanship. Its comprehensive product range includes fine jewellery using diamonds, precious stone and semi precious stone, south sea pearls, Tahitian pearls at its production facilities.

1.    Fine Jewelry
2.    Pearl Jewelry
3.    Wedding Ring
4.    Engagement Ring
5.    Carat Size Diamond Certified and Non Certified
6.    Precious Stone and Semi Precious Stone
7.    Custom made design tailor to owner needs

Vision and Mission
1.    Dedicated to exquisite designed jewelry to meet market needs worldwide.
2.    Up keeping a prestigious international standard
3.    Serving customer with impeccable service
4.    People oriented and nurturing talents
5.    Adhere to comprehensive management
6.    Leading international jewelry retailers

Production Team
1.    Strong Design Team
2.    Creativity and innovative design
3.    Meeting Market needs with 3 outlets
4.    High Quality Products
5.    Vertical integration production
6.    One stop service capabilities
7.    Management Excellence
8.    Product Development Capabilities